Our pedals were designed by guitarists, for guitarists. We thought of all the things that made pedals great, added a few new and innovative ideas, and from that was born Ex-Gear Pedals. Here’s what makes our pedals so great:

• Tone for any situation.
• Illuminated Controls.
• Ergonomic Design.
• Pocket Q: Presice EQ editing.
• Magnetic Bond: Stick to music stand or pedal board.
• Soft Touch Knobs: Customised and illuminated.
• Durable Metal Casing.
• Durable Input Jacks.
• True Bypass.

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Our pedals offer a unique and innovative feature that you can’t find on any other pedals out there. With built in illumination, you’ll never have to worry about a stage being too dark to do those fine adjustments before a show starts. You won’t find this feature on any other pedal on the market. Check out what this feature is all about:

• Featuring Illuminated Circular Footswitch That Glows When The Pedal Is Inactive.
• Illuminated foot-switch assures the pedal has power and is visible on a dark stage. 
• When Active, the knobs illuminate making the settings easy to read and adjust.