Why The Grittman?

The Grittman is part of the Illuminated Series of pedals made by EX-GEAR. The focus of the Grittman is on it's tone but all the other features are well thought out and meant to address the needs of guitar players. Heavy-Duty Input jacks and unique ergonomic design with durable matte black cast metal casing. Illuminated controls and foot-switch for easy visibility of the pedal and it's settings on dark stages. Compact size but not so small that you hit other pedals when stepping on it. Non slip rubber bottom with magnetic ability to forgo velcro. We even include a knob cap protector with the EX-GEAR logo so you can adjust the pedal gain from a standing position. Designed in the USA by guitar players for guitar players. It's a step above the original pedal plan. But still focused on tone. Be inspired. Play guitar. Let your music be your voice.

  • 【SOUND】— The Grittman has a Clean to “Gritty” Overdrive Tone that can be Adjusted with the Gain Control. The Pedal is Very Dynamically Responsive in that it Reacts to How Aggressive Your Attack is on the Strings. The Tones are Great for Blues to Rock Style of Playing. With this Pedal You can Give the Guitar the Punch and Attack to Bring Out the Notes that will Make Your Playing Exceptional.
  • 【POCKET Q TECH】— Specific Frequency and EQ Settings Were Meticulously Calibrated to Create Precise EQ Frequency Options, With Bass, Mid, And Treble. Special Attention was Given to Approximate Q Points to Narrow the Bandwidth and Set Frequencies in Relation to the Guitar Natural Harmonics. Make Subtle Adjustments to Dial-in Your Unique Personal Sound For Energetic Rhythm And Lead Tones.
  • 【Hi/Low BOOST】— When Set to Low You Will Get a Clean Boost with little Coloration. Set to Hi and You Get an Increase in Distortion in Relation to the Drive Control and an Increase in the Midrange and Boost in the Volume.
  • 【ILLUMINATION】— The Illuminated Series of EX-GEAR Pedals Features an Illuminated Circular Footswitch. The Pedal Illumination Shows the Pedal is Recieving Power and Allow Visibility in Less Well Lit Environments like a Dark Stage. Press the Footswitch to Activate the Pedal and Illuminate the Volume, Bass, Mid and Treble Control Knobs.
  • 【MAGNETIC MOUNT】— EX-GEAR Illuminated Series of Pedals have a Powerful Magnetic Bottom That Can Attach To Any Ferromagnetic Surface like a Music Stand or Pedalboard. This allows for Easy Change Out of Pedals and Removes the Need for Velcro.
  • 【ERGONOMIC】— The Pedal Shape Matches The Angle Of The Foot. The Unique Pedal Size Avoids Accidentally Activating Adjacent Pedals Without Taking Up More Space Than Needed. Use the Rubber Knob Cap Accessory to Change the Gain Control Settings with Your Foot. The Smaller Knobs Include A "Knob Cap" That Can Be Removed To Allow For More Finger Room For Adjusting The Overall Controls.
  • 【BUILD QUALITY】— Built with Cast Metal Casing and Heavy Duty In/out Jacks. Quality Parts were used to Ensure the Longevity and Strength of All the Pedals in the Illuminated Series.

Volume Control
The Grittman's Volume Knob can add or cut the overall volume. This can be set as a boost for lead breaks or lowered for quiet spots in a song. Control of the volume from the pedal and not have to go to the amp.



Bass Control
The Bass Control Knob is for adding bottom end to the frequency spectrum. Fatten up your tone.


Toggle Boost
Toggle to the "Hi" setting for an Increase in the midrange and a boost of volume. Also notice there is an increase in the overdrive in relation to the gain control settings.


Mid Control
Meticulous efforts were used to find just the right "Q" points for the bass, mid and treble. Narrowed bandwidth and set frequencies create precise EQ options. The result was exceptional control and customization of tone. We call this "Pocket Q" as it sets the EQ in the right space for great tone adjustment.


Treble Control
Most pedals have a tone knob that adds or takes away bass and treble. With the Grittman you can independently add treble and set the bass to a balanced tone. No reason to sacrifice one for the other.


Gain Control
Use the gain knob at low setting to level out the amp sound and increase the gain to achieve a more "gritty" guitar tone. You can achieve a smooth or gritty tone with great sustain. Make the notes sing. Play and be inspired.


Input Jack
Heavy-Duty input and output jacks were chosen to ensure reliable connections and durability. This combined with the matte black cast metal casing makes for a very strong well built reliable pedal.


Illuminated foot-switch is dimly lit when the pedal is off so that the pedal can be seen on a dark stage. The foot-switch ring light also lets the user know the pedal is getting power. When activated the foot-switch light is brighter.


Illuminated Lights
A very unique feature of the Illuminated Series is the illuminated controls. This allows for the pedal and controls to be seen more easily on a dark stage. The foot-switch is set to be dimmed when the pedal is in the off position, but can be further dimmed, brightened, or even turned off by a control knob located inside the pedal.


Rubber Bottom
The bottom of the Illuminated Series pedals have a non-slip rubber padding that is engraved with the EX-GEAR motto, "Make Some Noise!!". Just a little reminder to not be silent and let your voice be heard. Whether the guitar is your voice, or whatever your passion, remember to "Make Some Noise!!". Be heard. Be seen. Be present.


Another feature unique to the Illuminated Series of pedals is that they have a magnetic bottom. The pedals can stick to any ferromagnetic surface, including a music stand, metal pedal board, or even the refrigerator. This feature has come in handy on many occasions.


Be inspired.