Greg Marra Krush Demo & Revew

Take your guitar sound and playing to the next level and Krush the competition.

Why The Ex-Gear Pedals?
EX-GEAR® Illuminated Series of pedals. Let's start with amazing tone. All the features are meant to address the needs of guitar players. Heavy-Duty Input jacks and unique ergonomic design with durable matte black cast metal casing. Illuminated controls and foot-switch for easy visibility of the pedal and it's settings on dark stages. Compact size but not so small that you hit other pedals when using the foot-switch. Non slip rubber bottom with magnetic ability to forgo velcro. We even include a knob cap protector with the EX-GEAR logo so you can adjust the pedal gain from a standing position. Designed in the USA by guitar players for guitar players. It's a step above the original pedal plan. But still focused on tone, tone and tone. Be inspired. Play guitar. Let your music be your voice.

Volume Control
The Krush Volume Knob can add or cut the overall signal. The pedal can be used as a boost for lead breaks or pushing the amp a little harder.

Bass Control
The Bass Control Knob can add substantial amount of low frequency to the sound. Giving the tone a thicker sound with more body.

Treble Control
The Treble Control Knob gives control over the high-end frequency to help shape the tone. This will allow for more tone possibilities.

Presence Control
The Krush Presence Control Knob shapes the overall tone. This gives even more frequency control options for more tone shaping.

Meat Control
The Meat Knob is made to tighten up or loosen the release time of the notes played. This can give a variations of more chunking biting sound or a more open ended fuzz sound.

Gain Control
The Gain Control Knob adds a substantial amount of gain to the pedal. Giving the option for over-the-top overdriven sound.

Input Jack
The Krush Overdrive uses very durable input and output jacks along with custom heavy duty threaded nuts that are sturdy and reliable.

The foot-switch is illuminated with a ring of light. This can be adjusted inside the pedal to be brighter or even turned off. The pedals lights are a great help to guitarist for locating their effects pedals a dark stage.

Illuminated Lights
A very unique feature of the Illuminated Series is the illuminated controls. This allows for the pedal and controls to be seen more easily on a dark stage. The foot-switch is set to be dimmed when the pedal is in the off position, but can be further dimmed, brightened, or even turned off by a control knob located inside the pedal.

Rubber Bottom
The bottom of the Illuminated Series pedals have a non-slip rubber padding that is engraved with the EX-GEAR motto, "Make Some Noise!!". Just a little reminder to people to not be silent and let your voice be heard. Whether the guitar is your voice, or whatever your passion, remember to "Make Some Noise!!". Be heard. Be seen. Be present. The time is now!

Another feature unique to the Illuminated Series of pedals is that they have a magnetic bottom. The pedals can stick to any metal surface, including a music stand, metal pedal board, or even the refrigerator. This feature has come in handy on many occasions.

  • 【SOUND】— This is a heavy sounding pedal with a lot of gain if needed.  Easy to play lead and rhythm guitar with full throttle tone. 
  • 【POCKET Q TECH】 Independent bass, mid and presence knob to dial in your specific unique tone. Also featured a “meat” knob that will tighten the sound in addition to giving more bottom end.
  • 【ILLUMINATION】—  illuminated foot-switch assures the pedal has power and is visible on a dark stage. The knobs illuminate when the pedal is on making the settings easy to read. 
  • 【MAGNETICS】— Strong magnets allow the Krush to adhere to any ferromagnetic pedalboard or surface. Say goodbye to velcro.
  • 【ORIGINAL DESIGN】— Ergonomically designed, heavy duty matte-black metal casing with heavy duty durable 1/4 inch input jacks and stainless steel wide hex machine nuts.  True bypass. Designed in the USA by guitarist for guitarist.
  • 【ARTWORK】— Black on black with lifted beveled font that feels great to the touch. The pedal bottom has rubber sneaker like grooves and our motto. "Make Some Noise!" 
    • 3 BAND “POCKET EQ”


    Be inspired.