Get ready to Make Some Noise!!

  • 【SOUND】— This pedal will inspire you to write great riffs and killer songs. It makes playing the guitar easy. Fast riffs sound clean. Immediate attack and bottom-end-chunk with acute dynamics, punch and distortion. A versatile pedal, bringing feel and tone to your every guitar riff.
  • 【POCKET Q TECH】—  EQ settings were calibrated to create precise frequency settings, with low, mid and high options. Extra tone knob effects the overall sonic quality.
  • 【ILLUMINATION】—  illuminated foot-switch assures the pedal has power and is visible on a dark stage. The knobs illuminate when the pedal is on making the settings easy to read. Theres no other pedal like it.

  • 【MAGNETICS】— Strong magnets allow the Red Fury to adhere to any ferromagnetic pedalboard or surface. Say goodbye to velcro.

  • 【ORIGINAL DESIGN】There is no other pedal like this. Ergonomically designed, heavy duty matte-black metal casing with heavy duty durable 1/4 inch input jacks and stainless steel wide hex machine nuts. True bypass. Designed in the USA by guitarist for guitarist.
  • 【ARTWORK】— Red and black with lifted beveled font that feels good to the touch. The pedal bottom has rubber sneaker like grooves and our motto. Make Some Noise!

Not just "another distortion pedal". It's above the curve in design and sound with great attention paid to detail. It's unique, looks cool and sounds amazing.

ORDER NOW!! so you can hold it and hear it.
If you are not inspired, simply return the pedal for a full refund.
No questions asked.

But, when it does inspire you, make a video. Upload it to social media and send us an email. We may have a job for you.


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