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Greg Howe

Check out the video to see the virtuoso in action and see why Mr Howe is so into the Soul Five Overdrive.

  • The pedal has a very clean overdrive sound.
  • Recomended for blues, soul, jazz and rock.
  • Illuminated foot-switch and controls knobs.
  • A magnetic bottom attaches to a metal pedal board.
  • A game changer and a tone changer.

  • 【SOUND】Cool laid-back soulful sound. Killer vibe. You will start to play soulful riffs you never knew you had. 
  • 【CONTROLS】—   Illuminated knobs to increase the volume and treble. The “meat” knob adds body and low end to your unique sound. The “boost” switch adds 3 levels of subtle volume and punch.
  • 【ILLUMINATION】—  illuminated foot-switch assures the pedal has power and is visible on a dark stage. The control knobs light up when the pedal is on. This makes the controls easier to read in the dark. 
  • 【MAGNETIC】— Magnets allow the Soul Five to adhere to a pedalboard, music stand or even a refrigerator. 
  • 【ORIGINAL DESIGN】— Ergonomic design to match natural shape of the foot, heavy duty matte-black metal casing with heavy duty durable 1/4 inch input jacks and stainless steel wide hex machine nuts.  True bypass. Designed in the United States by guitarists.
  • 【ART】— Prince and Hendrix inspired purple with matte black casing with lifted beveled font. The pedal bottom has rubber sneaker like grooves with the engraved motto. "Make Some Noise!" 


Soul Five Illuminated



A very unique feature of the Illuminated Series are the Illuminated controls. This allows for the pedal and controls to be seen more easily on a dark stage. The foot-switch is set to be dimmed when the pedal is in the off position but can be further dimmed, brightened or even turned off by a control knob located inside the pedal.


No Slip Rubber Bottom

The bottom of the Illuminated Series pedals have a non slip rubber padding that is engraved with the EX-GEAR motto, "Make Some Noise!!". Just a little reminder to people to not be silent and let your voice be heard. No matter if the guitar is your voice or whatever you do, remember to "Make Some Noise!!". Be heard. Be seen. Be present.



Another feature unique to the illuminated series of pedals are they have a magnetic bottom. The pedals can stick to any metal surface including a music stand, metal pedal board, or even the refrigerator. This feature has come in handy on many occasions.

Gain Knob

Soul Five's Gain Knob at low settings adds warm attack and at it's maximum can add some biting overdrive. With the knob cap accessory you can change the gain setting with your foot allowing for hands free adjustment.


Treble Knob

The Soul Five Treble knob is set with a precise Q frequency to dial in just the right amount of high-end frequency that will gives unique control over your guitar tone.


Boost Switch

The Soul Five Boost Toggle Switch gives a 3 way boost option. Each option changes the sound and punch slightly. Adding to the tone and vibe.


Meat Knob

The "Meat" Knob's name has been passed down from the old days of the Bradshaw modified amps, where the "meat" knob was added to provide fine adjustments to low frequency creating a fuller, meatier tone.


Volume Knob

The Soul Five Volume Knob can add or cut the overall signal. The pedal can be used as a boost for lead breaks or pushing the amp a little harder.



The footswitch is illuminated with a ring of light. This can be adjusted inside the pedal to be brighter or even turned off. The pedals lights are a great help to guitarist for locating their effects pedals a dark stage.


Input and Output Jack

The Soul Five Overdrive uses very durable input and output jacks and custom heavy duty threaded nuts for each jack that are sturdy and reliable.


True Bypass

Each Illuminated Series pedal is built with True Bypass. This ensures that no signal and tone quality is lost when it passes through the pedal. A must have for serious players.


Greg Howe Soul Five Review

 "I really like this pedal, it's something I have been into lately" 
  ~Greg Howe


Louis Metoyer checking out the Soul Five

 "Yeah!, oh yeah, it's got a little appetite there don't it!"
~Louis Metoyer


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