Justin Sane

The Showman

It' all about the music.

Justin Sane Bio

Justin Sane is a guitarist, vocalist, bassist, keyboardist, composer, and production engineer based in Los Angeles, California. He quickly fell in love with rock and roll after hearing Zeppelin's Black Dog at age 14, and soon after bought a cheap electric guitar and began writing. Justin is influenced by a range of artists including Jerry Lee Lewis, Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Franz Liszt, Richard Wagner, and many others. He moved from Wisconsin to LA in 2014 to pursue music, and has had some incredible experiences since the pilgrimage. Justin has played in many bands, sharing the stage with acts such as The Yardbirds, Bret Michaels, Faster Pussycat, King's X, LA Guns, The Tubes, and many more. While Justin's proficiency on his instruments, as well as his music theory knowledge, have been powerful assets to his career, his key abilities lie in his songwriting and on-stage performances. It is an honor to have Justin as an  EX-GEAR Artist.