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Brock Bio

Ok so around 1992 my brother wanted a dirt bike but parents thought it was too dangerous for him so they went to the local flea market place and brought back a silvertone guitar and harmony battery operated amp. However there was always an acoustic around because of my dad dabbled with it and we always had bands like CCR and willie nelson and the eagles playing around the house because of him sometimes... We really didn't know what to do with this guitar they got us so we sat it under the bed for awhile until one day when we were in music class in school and heard the band NIRVANA. Nirvana was the reason I started playing guitar.

I can't play the guitar in the "normal" position that most can due to limited mobility in wrists and joints so I taught myself how to play the way I do.

So I went from Nirvana then branched off to metal acts like Metallica and Megadeth and so on. Little later on I started getting into blues like bb king and stuff and then shred guitar like steve vai and joe satriani.

These days I just love all music and love listening and playing it if I can. I love anything from blues, jazz, country, rock, metal, pop and more. The more I like and listen too the more influences I get from it all and it shows up in my playing style.

Nothing much happened since I began up until around the early 2000's where I entered a guitar contest at the michael angelo batio clinic here in my town of Marietta, Ohio and got 2nd place. Then I started entering the C.A.HOUSE MUSIC guitar contests in Parkersburg in the later 2000's and won 3 of those and came in 2nd in 2 others.

Around 2014 my friend Andy Holbrook and his wife Courtney Holbrook decided to do a 10 minute video bio of me [it can explain more about me and I'll link you to the video to watch] and that started a small movement of people on the internet wanting a album done. That led to me working with skylight media and making an album.  I released a blues-folk type album titled "outtakes from the soul" in late 2015  and it even hit #15 on the blues chart for 1 week in may, 2016.

Also december 18th 2014 american blues scene magazine featured a article of me as well in their magazine :]