Alan Sosa

Mr Shred


Born in Miami, Florida and raised in Argentina, from a young age, Alan’s passion has always been music and the guitar. Fortunate to have the opportunity to study with some amazingly talented guitarist, Agustin Pinto ( Presto Vivace), Javier Viñas ( Eric Martin of Mr Big) and Bruce Bouillet (Racer X) and honored to be mentored by guitar virtuoso Rafaela Moreira. You can hear these amazing influences in Alan’s playing style and his charismatic soloing. Currently Alan is busy with back to back gigs and tours as a hired gun in the Los Angles music scene. Alan also is working with Kudisan Kai, best known for her work with Elton John and Check Kahn. We look forward to hearing more of Alan and expect to follow his rise in the music industry in Los Angeles. Ex-Gear is honored to feature Alan as an Artist Endoresee.