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Greg Howe Soul Five Review

 "I really like this pedal, it's something I have been into lately" 
  ~Greg Howe

Master Guitarist Greg Howe said it right. “Uh-oh, another overdrive pedal. What’s the big deal?” So true. Is this for everyone? No, it’s for the player who has a need to try something new. To get a new tone from their amp or feel under their fingers. When I first heard Greg use the pedal in one of our Skype lessons I was amazed at how it would transform his playing into a more bluesier vibe. I keep trying to convince him to do a blues record. Hope one day he does because it would awesome. The point though is that these new products encourage  us with new ideas and new places that our ear can go. They inspire us to be different and play different. If we never explored the ideas and things built to accentuate the music then all music would be dull, boring and lifeless and pretty much suck. So is this pedal worth the investment? That depends on the individual person and what they get out of it. We at EX-GEAR hope it inspires each person differently. Obviously negative haters are going to hate. That’s how they do. The value of this is in the eye, or should I say “ear” of the beholder. I can tell you a lot went into making this series of pedals so that they would be unique and hopefully original. Simple design with some functional features that guitarist can use in real world situations.  Some have said they don’t care for the lights. Recently I was hired to do a show where the band and I were about to start our first set. I looked at my pedal board from across the stage and the lights were not on. This worked for me because I then was able to start the show without issue once we found that the power cable had been unplugged. So that alone was pretty cool. For me this pedal sounds great with a little dirt on the gain channel of the amp and the pedal kicked on with moderate settings adding an overtone. But I’ve seen players just turn it down and use it as a gain boost for a punchier tone. Everyone is different. It sounds different through different styles of amp also. So it’s really up to the individual player. That’s what this pedal does. It makes each player an individual. Not someone else’s sound. it also definitely is adding to the blues vide and pushes that emotion. If you think it will make you play like Greg Howe, it won’t. Only long hours of practice may get you close to his skill level. But we do hope it will make you play and feel something that you can own and call yours. New riffs and ideas that you create that are inspiring and moving. Your tone and your sound.  So yeah, check it out and please let us know what you think.

  • 【SOUND】Cool laid-back soulful sound. Blues vibe. You will start to play bluesy soulful riffs you never knew you had. 
  • 【CONTROLS】—   Illuminated knobs to increase the volume and treble. The “meat” knob adds body and low end to get your unique sound. The “boost” switch adds 3 levels of subtle volume and punch.
  • 【ILLUMINATION】—  illuminated foot-switch assures the pedal has power and is visible on a dark stage. The control knobs glow when the pedal is on. This makes the controls easier to read in the dark.
  • 【MAGNETIC】— Magnets allow the Soul Five to adhere to any ferromagnetic pedalboard or surface.

  • 【ORIGINAL DESIGN】— Ergonomic design to match natural shape of the foot, heavy duty matte-black metal casing with heavy duty durable 1/4 inch input jacks and stainless steel wide hex machine nuts.  True bypass. Designed in the United States by guitarists.
  • 【ART】— Prince and Hendrix inspired purple with matte black casing with lifted beveled font that feels great to the touch. The pedal bottom has rubber sneaker like grooves with the engraved motto. "Make Some Noise!" 

This pedal is perfect for everywhere from the creaky front porch to the dazzling bright lights of the big stage. Let your calloused soulful fingers work their magic.

Louis Metoyer checking out the Soul Five

 "Yeah!, oh yeah, it's got a little appetite there don't it!"
~Louis Metoyer

Be inspired.  

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